Ariel Magidson, continued


ourselves or others, because of bad things that happened in the past or are happening to us now. In her experience, Ariel has worked with and seen this occur with people who have suffered sexual, physical, and psychological or emotional abuse. She has also seen this same thing with people addicted to harmful substances, people who are depressed, anxious, people who go to prison for their negative choices, and broken relationships or families. Our pattern as people when we experience trauma is to then create more trauma.


Ariel is interested in healing at the root to break the chain of trauma, and create new patterns in our world, for the future and people to come. For this reason, she is open to working with all individuals, couples, families, or groups to further discover and improve universal ways of being people together. She is also open to exploring breathing and energetic techniques to discover where trauma becomes stuck in the body and mind. Positive shifts within individual people change our world to be a happier place because of the way we are all interconnected.


She believes we can heal from everything. Let’s create a beautiful life.