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Couples & Family Counseling

SCC offers Couples Counseling as well as Family Sessions. Inquire for availability!

Couples and families come to Samaritan Counseling Center to address a wide range of concerns. When a member of a family is experiencing difficulties, it can impact everyone in the circle of relationships. Sometimes it's easier to want to blame an individual within the family system as being the source of all their problems or dysfunctions, but families are complex. Family and couples counseling is an approach used to assist in alleviating tension, opening up communication, creating meaningful plans for action, providing educational resources, and diagnosing issues in the system . If these issues are not consciously addressed, they can often continue and deepen. Reflecting together on these problems, under careful facilitation by a licensed therapist, can reveal dynamics that are resolvable through learning and engaging in different practices that may transform all relationships involved.

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