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David Humphries

MA, MS, LLP (Not currently accepting clients)

Life can be hard, isolating, or frustrating. Many times it helps to have someone else with us in the journey as we seek to better understand and love ourselves and others. I am trained as a Psychodynamic/ Psychoanalytic therapist...
Psychodynamic therapy seeks to understand our desires and wants amid the realities and hopes of life, helping us to respond in healthy, rather than unhealthy, ways. Such therapy can lead to an authentic, free, “real” life, allowing us to come to terms with our motives, and to live honestly in the face of life’s challenges. Starting a relationship with a therapist can be daunting. I hope to provide a welcoming, accepting, confidential, and safe therapeutic environment.

As a therapist, I enjoy seeing patients of all ages, from children to seniors, as individuals or couples. I have worked with people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds and have extensive volunteer and professional experience with youth, college, and graduate students. Whether your struggle is personal or relational, I look forward to coming alongside you with an empathetic, respectful, and listening ear on your path toward healing and growth.

I have a broad education and interest in the humanities and social sciences, with a BA from the University of British Columbia, an MA in New Testament Studies from Regent College, and an MS in Clinical Psychology from Madonna University. I am a practicing Christian with an ecumenical background.

David Humphries
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