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Terri Morr-Jones

MA, LMFT (Not currently accepting clients)

We will take time to develop a client/therapist relationship built on mutual trust and respect to facilitate exploration and promote healing. My training and therapy style draws upon theories of attachment (dynamics of long term interpersonal relationships), object-relations (how relationships are affected by early experiences), family systems (understanding the individual within family context), emotional focused (viewing emotions as centrally important to experience of self and others), and life stage development (psychosocial theory of personality development).

As a marital and family therapist, I work with couples and individuals in various stages of relationship including: pre-marital couples looking to enhance a solid foundation; committed couples who need help processing and repairing relationship wounds and trauma; divorced or divorcing couples working towards a cooperative divorce or co-parenting relationship; step-family and adoptive family challenges; families looking for help in navigating through life stage transitions including parenthood, children entering puberty and adolescence, and the empty nest.

-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
-Purdue University, B.S., Environmental Design
-Christian Theological Seminary, M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage/relationship therapy; pre-marital; family conflict; infidelity; divorce discernment; cooperative divorce and co-parenting; step and adoptive family issues; military family issues; life stage transitions; grief and loss; anxiety and depression.

Terri Morr-Jones
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