COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will come and go.

SCC is here...and we have options.

Thanks to SCC's use of secure, HIPAA-recommended video apps...




We look forward to seeing you in-person when this viral threat is over.  Until then, we're ready and able to walk alongside you safely during this anxious time. Give us a call: 248-474-4701.  Our office staff are still able to answer questions and take calls.

SCC will be following the lead of the school districts where we are located.  If your public schools are closed, then your therapeutic work will cease being in-person and can begin or continue via one of two secure, HIPAA-recommended apps:

  • Signal (

  • (

  • FaceTime, Zoom, and other platforms have recently been used. 

You and your therapist will decide which venue works best for you.

Clergy Support

during the COVID-19 Pandemic


This isn't group therapy. This is simply a space for you to just





​Safe to offload some burdens...

Safe to be honest...

Safe to NOT have solutions...

No obligation.

​You are most welcome to check in every Friday.

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Life and peace to you and yours,

​Mark Phelps, M.A., L.M.F.T.

Executive Director

If it affects our ability to love, laugh or learn, we need to pay attention.


Why Counseling?

Are you struggling with something? Feeling depressed or anxious? Worried? Wish to understand yourself better? Don't know why you repeat unhelpful behaviors?

Counseling aims to offer a supportive relationship and safe setting to explore the dynamics of any inner struggle and grow in self-understanding, moving toward personal growth.

​Give us a call to make an appointment: 248-474-4701

Marriage/Relationship Counseling

Clinical Services

As human beings, we yearn for connection  but stresses are inherent in any relationship. Couples/family therapy facilitates conversation among those in relationship to help arrive at a level of sharing truth and hope.



Individual counseling offers a private, confidential setting to explore your concerns, struggles, hopes and dreams.

Through a validated online survey instrument and a thorough interpretation of results and feedback with a trained therapist, a couple grows in better understanding and appreciation of their future partner's similarities and differences.

Some of our therapists are skilled at facilitating problem resolution, group process, strategic planning and addressing other organizational dilemmas.

A 10-week art therapy program that aims to promote resilience, emotional regulation, and a sense of community for school age students.

Our therapists are very experienced in mental health dynamics and are available to offer faculty trainings, congregational presentations, or other educational / public speaking engagements.

Various religious denominations request psychological assessments of their candidates for ministry. 


SCC relies on the generosity of our friends and benefactors to help us offer counseling services for financially-strapped clients


Thank you!.

SCC is a not-for-profit 501(c)3.  All donations are tax deductible.


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