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Psychological Assessment

SCC proudly offers a variety of psychological assessment styles. For further understanding, please inquire for a special consultation by calling 248-474-4701.

Assessment styles include but are not limited to intelligence, academic ability, attention, legal matters, clergy, career, premarital, martial, and diagnosis clarity

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What makes assessments necessary?

Psychological assessment can help you improve your understanding of yourself. People learn, think, feel, and behave differently than one another. Assessment allows individuals to understand how they are unique. Developing this understanding of oneself gives people a better chance to be the best versions of themselves, live as happily as possible, and access their life’s greatest potential. Assessment gives you more information and clarity about yourself. It’s like having more tools in your toolbox. This process can compliment therapy or stand alone.

Booking an appointment and cost

Our testing department is stationed at the SCC main office, located within Nardin Park United Methodist Church in Farmington Hills, MI. Here, we will offer a formal consultation to assure your needs are understood and met; administer the tests or measures involved in your psychological evaluation; and also provide a report with your results. Ideally, your assessment will be fully covered by your insurance, depending on the nature of your request. However, in the event that your insurance does not cover the cost of assessment, it is assumed that you will be fiscally responsible. The assessment will last several hours, and your personal results and recommendations will be returned to you within a 2-3 week duration, during a personal follow-up meeting. Please call our main office 248-474-4701 to schedule your appointment.

The Philosophy of Assessment
All humans have hidden potential in the depths of their lives, like a rosebush in winter. The flowers are dormant even though we know that the plant contains the potential to bloom. The Japanese concept Yugen describes the unseen qualities of strength or beauty hidden deeply within an individual. Once found, these dormant qualities will contribute to the development of a better life.


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