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Prepare - Enrich

Prepare - Enrich is a systematic assessment of a couple's understanding of their current relationship, future hopes, personality styles, needs, hopes, and approaches to decision-making.

Research has demonstrated that marriage preparation has been instrumental in decreasing divorce rates by 30%.

Many Samaritan Counseling Center therapists are trained in the Prepare-Enrich model of premarital assessment.

The process is simple:

• Call the SCC office at 248-474-4701
• Request to make an appointment for a Prepare-Enrich assessment.
• Staff will request your preferred times to schedule, contact a therapist, and get back to the inquirer with some optional dates for a 2-hour session (or two 1-hour sessions).
• Staff will forward a link to an online assessment for each partner to take individually. Payment will be accepted.
• Results will be forwarded to the therapist to prepare for interpretation and feedback to the couple.
• The couple will be given a copy of their results at the time of the feedback session.
• There will be ample time to discuss and process the information during the session.

• Cost: $275 per couple. ($125 must be paid at time of registration.) SCC accepts cash, credit/debit cards, and checks made out to Samaritan Counseling Center.

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