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Ariel Lento Magidson


I am a doctor of clinical psychology, with my focus being in human potential. My background is in critical trauma. I work with people on their current happiness... examining how past events affect the present. I personally believe people should feel empowered, and learn how to influence their life for the better. I like to see people become leaders in their own lives. I like to advocate for radical self-care, and self-love.

Some of my specialties include sexual trauma, addiction, racism/race issues, and LGBTQ identity considerations. In sessions I like to work with people on building emotional intelligence and dialogical skills to cultivate more peace and happiness in their relationships, and lives as a result. I am currently open to seeing individuals, couples, or families.

I am also now accepting people interested in doing psychological assessment. If you are noticing symptoms that are concerning you, please schedule an appointment for an assessment consultation. Our assessment process can help gain clarity around previous diagnoses and assess for new diagnoses such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, etc. There are also assessment options that can help guide your professional or academic path. Please inquire for more details regarding assessment styles, cost, and the process.

-PsyD obtained from Michigan School of Psychology

Ariel Lento Magidson
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