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What are the differences between certain licenses and credentials?

You will notice that each Staff therapist employed at SCC has letters following their names. Each license and credential requires specific education, training, and supervision.

LPC/LLPC refers to Licensed Professional Counselors. Counselors with LPC are fully-licensed and are not required to participate in regular supervision. LLPC's are limited licensed professional counselors currently working toward full-licensure, which includes participating in regular supervision, accruing hours with clients, and preparing for the National Counselor Examination (NCE).

LMFT stands for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

LP/LLP/TLLP respectively stands for Full Licensed Psychologist, full Limited License Psychologist, and temporary limited license psychologist.

LMSW/LLMSW indicates a Staff therapist who is a Licensed Master Social Worker. LLMSW are considered limited licensed master social worker who is participating in supervision until eligible for full licensure.

ATR/ATR-P stands for Staff therapists who have received Master Degree level training in art therapy. ATR stands for registered art therapist and ATR-P, stands for an art therapist who is provisionally credentialed and currently participating in art therapy supervision.

For more information about differences in mental healthcare licenses/credentialing, please visit and

What are the differences between certain licenses and credentials?
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