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What does SCC say about racism?

Samaritan Counseling Center’s staff and board stand united in unqualified condemnation of racism. It is an abhorrent evil that must finally be exorcised from the human experience.

Black lives matter.

Thus, we reaffirm our commitment to both personal and organizational introspection in order to expose our own biases and practices that contribute to the subjugation of people of color. Circumstances affect human development. Unequal systems are toxic to mental health. It is past time to address the mental health challenges of our nation by setting aright the unequal systems of economy, government, education, nutrition, healthcare, and access to power.

We stand in alliance with our family taking to the streets peacefully today. With them we call on those to whom authority has been entrusted -law enforcement, military, political leaders at every level of government, clergy, and business leaders- to speak truth, live truth, do what is just, be lovers of mercy, walk in humility, and act in opposition to racism and bigotry.

What does SCC say about racism?
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